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Fill their stocking with PEEPS®!

I can remember back when you had to wait till Easter to get your yearly dose of PEEPS®. Now you can enjoy them at more than just Easter, and in fun shapes too! I love the holiday PEEPS® because they come in yummy flavors like Sugar Cookie and Hot Cocoa & Cream. I haven't decided exactly which of them is my favorite yet. Of course my kids love PEEPS® too and are excited to find them in their stocking. I try to give each of them PEEPS® on a stick and a three pack so they both have some to enjoy and tide them over till Easter comes.

The iconic marshmallow candy brand, PEEPS®, is making the holiday season more festive with new flavors and shapes arriving just in time for the season of giving. Plus the fun loving Minions from the summer blockbuster movie “Minions” have taken over many of the PEEPS® Holiday collection for 2015!

PEEPS® Large Banana Crème Flavored Minion
PEEPS® introduces a new banana crème flavored marshmallow in honor of the beloved Minions characters. Three varieties of the individually packed large Minions include the likeness of Kevin, Stuart and Bob – stars of the Minions movie available on DVD this holiday season. Available only for a limited time! SRP: $.99-$1.49 for a one count package

PEEPS® Vanilla Crème Chicks Pop
Fans can celebrate holiday traditions with these four classic Vanilla Crème flavored marshmallow Chicks on a stick. SRP: $1.99 -$2.49 for a four count package

New PEEPS® Red Velvet Chicks Dipped in Cream Flavored Fudge
These three delicious red velvet-flavored Chicks are dipped in cream fudge and are on trend as a favorite flavor. With packaging dressed in holiday décor, these Chicks are great as stocking stuffers or cupcake toppers or as a delicious treat. SRP: $1.99 -$2.49 for a three count package

PEEPS® Marshmallow Minions
To celebrate the DVD release of the Minions Movie, PEEPS® created a Minion-shaped marshmallow reflecting their fun PEEPSONALITY®. The original marshmallow Minions are sure to please admirers of all ages. Available for a limited time only! SRP: $1.29 -$1.69 for a six count package

PEEPS® Hot Cocoa & Cream Flavored Marshmallow Chicks Dipped in White Fudge
These three delectable hot cocoa-inspired marshmallow Chicks are dipped in white fudge and are a great holiday indulgence. SRP: $1.99 -$2.49 for a three count package

PEEPS® Chocolate Dipped Candy Cane Flavored Chicks
Delightful Candy Cane flavored marshmallow Chicks are dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with red glitter. SRP: $1.99 -$2.49 for a three count package

PEEPS® Milk Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cookie Flavored Chicks – with new graphics
and a new look for the chick!
The holidays are a time to show off your cookie baking skills. But don’t worry if you aren’t a baker, because PEEPS® has created Sugar Cookie-flavored marshmallow Chicks dipped in mouthwatering milk chocolate. SRP: $1.99 -$2.49 for a three count package

PEEPS® Candy Cane Flavored Marshmallow Chicks
Those who prefer their Candy Canes chicks without the chocolate canindulge in the peppermint-goodness of Candy Cane favored chicks! SRP: $1.69 -$2.29 for a ten count package

PEEPS® Large Marshmallow Snowmen
Large, fluffy PEEPS® Brand Snowmen are fun to eat and to share! Available in one count stocking-stuffer size packages, and three count share size.  SRP: $0.79 -$0.99 for a one count package, and $1.19 -$1.69 for a three count package

PEEPS® Gingerbread-Flavored Marshmallow Gingerbread Men
Now you can get the gingerbread flavor you crave all year long in something other than a cookie with PEEPS® gingerbread flavored marshmallow gingerbread men. SRP: $0.79 -$0.99 for three count package, $1.39 -$1.69 for six count package

PEEPS® Marshmallow Trees
It wouldn’t be the holiday season without seeing a Christmas tree! Enjoy green PEEPS® tree-shaped marshmallow decorated with red, yellow and blue garland and topped with a star. SRP: $0.79 -$0.99 for three count package, $1.39 -$1.69 for nine count package

PEEPS® Marshmallow Snowmen
PEEPS® traditional sized snowmen! PEEPS® Marshmallow Snowmen are adorned with a top hat and candy cane decorations with a nostalgic look. SRP: $0.79 -$0.99 for three count package, $1.39 -$1.69 for nine count package

PEEPS® Chocolate Mousse-Flavored Marshmallow Reindeer
These reindeer shaped marshmallow PEEPS® are chocolate-mousse flavored and oh so delicious! SRP: $1.49 -$1.69 for a six count package

PEEPS® Holiday Vanilla Crème-Flavored Pop
This delicious vanilla crème flavored pop comes with four assorted Chicks representing the holiday colors: green, red and white. This treat is perfect for holiday parties, stocking stuffers and festive recipes. SRP: $1.98 for a four count package

PEEPS® Sugar Plum Flavored Chicks Dipped in White Fudge
Fill your holidays with some cuteness by indulging in these sweet sugar plum-inspired marshmallow chicks dipped in white fudge. The Chick is the perfect sparkling treat to stuff your stockings with this holiday. SRP: $1.99 -$2.49 for a three count package
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