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Be prepared for company in the kitchen!

With Christmas almost here it's time to make the final plans and preparations for your upcoming holiday guests. I know I tend to keep different things on hand than normal for guests. Here are some ideas to help you out with those last minute plans to keep your holiday guests happy and entertained (in the kitchen) this holiday season.

For those holiday guests with special dietary needs (and for the good of your family too).

Contains 75% less sodium (too much of which can lead to high blood pressure, increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke) than traditional salt. Not only does Salt for Life offer a great tasting alternative to sodium, it also contains an often overlooked essential mineral –potassium. The daily recommended minimum potassium intake is 4,700mg, yet only 1 out of 20 Americans consume the recommended daily amount.

Skip those sugary drinks and offer your guests SodaStream instead. Let them make their own beverages for a little added fun!

The #1 sparkling water brand in the world. SodaStream allows you to turn tap water into sparkling water in an instant. With SodaStream, you have the flexibility to create your own sparkling drinks by adjusting the fizziness and flavor level to your personal taste.

Holiday entertaining: With all the parties coming up, make sure your prepared with SodaStream. This sparkling water maker is perfect for any gathering as it will not only let guests customize their sparkling beverage, but will also offer a fun way to mix cocktails.

Healthier Lifestyle for the New Year: According a study, one of the most important things to do in order to live a healthier lifestyle is to drink more water.  A study conducted by Toluna, found that people who use SodaStream consume 43 percent more water than those who don’t.

Always be prepared with some pre-packaged snacks on hand for those spontaneous guests that drop by. Open a bag of Drizzlecorn and pour it in the bowl to have in the center of the coffee table for them to enjoy during their visit.

The largest independent popcorn snack company in the U.S. and maker of America’s #1 Kettlecorn. All Popcorn, Indiana products are certified gluten-free by the GFCO, made from non-GMO corn and contain whole grains. In addition, Popcorn, Indiana products never contain trans fats, cholesterol or preservatives.
• Holiday entertaining
• Stocking stuffers
• Limited edition flavors: Drizzlecorn is one of the brand’s most popular flavor lines and are only available during fall and winter months.

And of course my favorite Ciao Bella sorbetto and gelato. They both make great special treats for the family after a long busy day. So why not reward the kids (and yourself) for all the hard work of keeping your guests happy and house in order.

The maker of premium, artisan gelato and sorbetto, have recently revealed three limited edition flavors just in time for upcoming fall and winter seasons: Honey Almond Nougat Gelato, Mulled Apple Cider Sorbetto and White Chocolate Peppermint Gelato.
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