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Neoprene Lunch Tote with Matching Water Bottle Tote

I had been looking for a new tote for my husband to take his lunch to work so I was pretty excited when I saw this one on Amazon. The nice thing about this lunch tote is that it comes with a matching water bottle tote. I always pack him a water bottle in the morning so he starts the day with a full drink. Then he just fills it up throughout the day at the water fountain. I like that the water bottle tote has a clip on one side so you can attach it to the lunch tote to make for easier carrying and it not take up room inside the lunch tote. It also has a drawstring on the other side so you can make the top tight around your water bottle so it doesn't slip out. Plus it keeps the neoprene snug against it for added insulation.

Inside the lunch tote there's lots of space for all of your food plus your freezer packs and other necessities. I like how roomy it is inside, plus the neoprene material is stretchy so it's easy to put different shaped containers in it. Yet when it's empty it folds down pretty flat for storage. Once you have it filled up you can slip the top shut to keep you food safe inside, and keep it cold. Another feature I like is the added shoulder strap so you can carry it hands free if you don't want to use the built-in handle. The shoulder strap is also adjustable so you can make it the length that's comfortable for you to carry on your shoulder.

Buy it: You can purchase the Neoprene Lunch Tote with Matching Water Bottle Tote on Amazon.
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