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Let imaginations soar with Sands Alive! Glow

My kids have been enjoying Sands Alive! ever since it came out. I love that they can play with sand anytime they like even though we don't live near a beach. We just put it in a long storage container and they use it like a sand box. They were pretty excited when I showed them the new Sands Alive! Glow. My daughter thought it was the coolest thing ever and had to tear into the box as soon as it arrived.  She played with it for a long time. Creating sculptures and then checking them out to see how they looked when they were glowing. And of course having mom and dad check them out too.

Following the remarkable success of Sands Alive!, Play Visions introduced Sands Alive! Glow - the original playful sand with an added customizable glow feature! Now you can make creations glow in the dark with cool new tools that have never been seen before. Sands Alive! is an indoor no-mess play sand that's bacteria-free and never dries out. It's fun to play with, stimulates creativity and is easy to sculpt, making it a great indoor and outdoor activity. This incredible sand now has an added element that is truly mind-glowing - you have the power to make it glow! When you're ready to take your Sands Alive! to the next level, bring it into the dark and watch it magically come to life. Use the special Sands Alive! Glow tools (included) to doodle on the sand.

Sands Alive! Glow includes two tools that transform sand creations. The Sands Alive! Glow Tool is a kid friendly light pointer that can be used to sketch and doodle on the sand. Use your imagination and highlight a cool feature of your structure, practice the alphabet or draw a funny face. The Sands Alive! Sand-Charging Glasses enhance the overall play experience by transforming the sand as you build and mold. Different
movements cause different glow reactions, creating quite the sand spectacle. You need to try it to believe it!

Buy it: You can purchase Sands Alive! Glow on Amazon.
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