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Get your "happy" back with the Verilux HappyLight Liberty 10K Energy Lamp

I've been struggling with SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) ever since I started working from home. It actually took quite awhile to figure out that was my problem because I thought it was just the weather getting colder that made me feel depressed and not want to do as much. Now that I know the problem I've been working on different things to help with it. One on those is light therapy through the use of a Verilux HappyLight. The HappyLight provides me with the extra light I am lacking as the seasons change. When I first plugged in my HappyLight I was surprised at how bright and white the light was. It really lit up everything around me and on my desk. It was almost as if I could see things clearer too. It did take a little getting used to but after a few days now I've started to really enjoy having the light on. I don't feel like I am getting as sluggish in the afternoons now like I used to before using the light so I do think it's helping some.

A HappyLight in your work space can make a big difference, especially in the winter months. Brighten your work day and be prepared for darker days when the clocks turn back on November 1st. If you’re like 20% of American adults, having less light can make you feel down.  Did you know the northern half of the continental US loses between 5 and 7.5 hours of daylight on December 21st compared to June 21st?

The Liberty 10K provides up to 10,000 LUX of full spectrum light (scotopic light measured at 10 inches), the highest recommended output for addressing seasonal change, the "Winter Blues" or the effects of shift work, jet lag, malaise or fatigue. Balanced Natural Spectrum Daylight taps the potency of light to gently cue your body to recalibrate and stabilize, naturally reducing fatigue and lethargy while improving focus.
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