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Birds Eye and Disney Team Up to Help Kids Eat their Veggies

Do you struggle with getting your kids to eat their veggies? Yet if you put a bowl of mac & cheese in front of them they will gobble it down? I know I've dealt with that issue with both of my kids. Thankfully Birds Eye and Disney Team have teamed up to help us moms with that problem. Birds Eye, the number one name in frozen vegetables is introducing a first-of-its-kind frozen offering, bringing nutritious, veggie-rich side dishes to kids, featuring Disney characters they know and love. I love the offerings that Birds Eye has come up with and by putting my daughter's favorite Disney characters right on the front of the packages she even wants to pick them out herself for meals. It's funny how she will look past the veggies inside the bag and says to me "Mom can I have the Frozen pasta for dinner?". But hey, I'm okay with that because I know there's veggies mixed in with that pasta that I otherwise would not have gotten her to eat. I know because I've tried the hidden veggie trick before and got busted. I'm just glad I was able to check these out and find a solution that she will eat and the whole family can enjoy with her.

The Disney offerings by Birds Eye feature pastas in the shape of today’s favorite Disney characters paired with veggies kids already know and love.

Varieties include:
• Elsa & Anna Pasta & Peas with a Parmesan Cheese Sauce
• Mickey & Minnie Whole Grain Pasta & Corn with a Butter Sauce
• Mater & McQueen Pasta & Broccoli with Cheese Sauce

• Olaf Pasta & Carrots with a Tomato Sauce

I had a little trouble finding these when I first went to look for them, but it seems like they are starting to show up in more stores now. So if you don't see them in one store, don't give up. I found mine at our local Meijer store.
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