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Wooden Essential Oil Box with bonus Roller Bottles & Pipettes #essentialoils

If you've been following my blog long you probably already know I'm big into essential oils. I use them quite often in place of things like over the counter drugs, spices in my kitchen, and cleaning supplies. So with all that in mind yes I do have quite a few different oils in my stash. Until recently I had been moving them from one container to another as I collected more and it outgrew the previous container. But now that I have my awesome new Wooden Essential Oil Box I have room for all of my oils and then some! Not only does this box hold all of my oils in their original bottles, it also holds my roller bottles. I am loving this feature because sometimes I make oil blends that I only use certain times of the year like my allergy blend. With this I can store it until I need to get it out to use. The box will hold 52 of the 5-15 ml bottles as well as six 10ml roller bottles. I even dressed my box up a little and added an envelope under the inside of the lid so I could store my labels in it.

Also included in the package that you can purchase on Amazon you get six 10ml Cobalt Blue Roller Bottles and 25 Pipettes. The pipettes are great for transferring oil from the main bottle to sample sized bottles for sharing so you don't have to sit and wait for them to drip out one drop at a time.

If you are new to collecting oils, or like me already have a good stash started this is a great way to store them all together safely in one place. The box is very nice quality and looks nice sitting on a dresser. It's unfinished wood, but it doesn't have any rough spots or splinters. My husband actually is going to burn my name on the top of it then varnish it for me so it's more personalized. It has a nice hinge latch on the front that's easy to open and closes securely. I've grabbed mine from the wrong side more than once and it has never come open on accident. Plus it's solid so it protects your oils from the suns UV rays breaking them down.

Buy it: You can purchase this Wooden Essential Oil Box with bonus goodies on Amazon.
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