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Learn about Animals with crafts from Oriental Trading

As you may know from previous posts my daughter is in Girl Scouts. This year she is actually a Junior Scout being a 4th grade student. As part of being a Junior the girls get to work on earning patches for various themed categories and one of them has to do with animals and their habitats. I had volunteered to help out this year so I thought using some crafts (and a snack) from Oriental Trading would be the perfect way to help out and work towards the badge.

One part of the badge required the girls to make an animals house. After looking around the Oriental Trading website I found a neat set that had 12 DIY Unfinished Wood Butterfly Houses. This was perfect because we have 11 girls in our troop. That paired up with a package of Wonderful Wood Markers to decorate them with and we were ready to go. The kits were pretty self explanatory and weren't too hard for the girls ages 9-10 to put together on their own. I did one up ahead of time since I had an extra one so they could see what it looked like. It was a lot of fun to watch the girls helping each other out as they built their houses. The girls enjoyed making the houses and decorating them with their own creativity. And while they were doing that I took the opportunity to talk to them about butterflies and learn a little about them too.

Another part of their badge was to have a costume party. Well the budget didn't exactly allow for a full out costume for each girl, so I opted to get them Magic Color Scratch Animal Masks instead. This again allowed them to be creative and make their masks fit their personalities. Then when they were done I had them make up a little skit and put it on for the troop leader and myself. It was a lot of fun and they girls got to take home their masks after they were done.

And of course no meeting is complete without a snack. And I couldn't think of anything more fitting for an animal themed day then some Wild Jungle™ Animal Crackers. Of course the girls all loved them and none were left once they were done snacking either.
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