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Back to School Crafting fun with Duck Tape

Did you know there are hundreds of different prints and colors of Duck Tape® to choose from when it comes to your crafting needs? I had no idea until I started browsing their website and checking them all out myself. I was recently sent some really cool colors and patterns of Duck Tape® to check out just in time for Back to School. With my daughter by my side we checked them each out one by one.

Once we got done oogling over the cool tape my daughter and I began thinking about what we could do for our first craft. We were looking around the house for some inspiration when I came across a display box laying in her room that some perfume and lotion had came in at Christmas last year that gave me an idea. With box in hand we sat down and talked about how we could dress up the plain hot pink box, and then started crafting away. I started out plain and simple with purple on the bottom and blue on the corners. My daughter of course thought it needed to be a little more flashy so she added some print tape squares to each corner and some stripes in the bottom. In no time we had ourselves a dressed up display box turned into school supply organizer that would fit perfectly in her new desk at school.

If you visit the Duck Tape® website they have a ton of great crafting ideas for ways you can get creative with  Duck Tape®.


  1. I love the different designs! Perfect for crafting!

  2. How neat that you made a box for her to use at school. I wish they had Ninja Turtle tape for my son.

  3. Anonymous10:58 AM

    There is Ninja Turtle Tape:


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