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Chuckles the iconic Crave-able Jelly Candy

With summer trips in full swing I know my kids are always wanting new and fun treats to enjoy in the car. And it gives them something to do besides argue with each other and that gives me a break from the headaches. I know I personally like to give them things that are in individual packages so they don't over do it and that's what's great about Chuckles. With Chuckles candies I can offer them a few different options and in small portions so they don't over do it and get an upset stomach in the process. Of course they also come in a larger package that's great for sharing. Chuckles are a nice sweet treat that everyone is sure to love!

Since first arriving on the scene in 1921, Chuckles® irresistible jelly candies have been bringing smiles to kids’ faces. Today, the classic “Chuckles five” – Cherry, Lemon, Lime, Orange and Licorice – are still an iconic candy that’s ridiculously easy to enjoy.

What do you get when you combine America’s #1 Comedy Competition with classic, crave-able jelly candy?  Lots of Chuckles® at ComedySportz Indianapolis (721 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN)! This summer, Chuckles is partnering with ComedySportz Indianapolis, for a special 2-for-1, limited-time ticket offer to ComedySportz® matches. Use code CHUCKLES to redeem the ComedySportz buy-one-get-one free ticket offer through Oct. 25, 2015.†† For tickets, call the ComedySportz Indianapolis box office at Local (317) 951-8499/Toll Free (866) 91-LAUGH.

Make sure you check out this sweet two-for-1 ticket offer available to ComedySportz® matches in your area. Brought to you by the makers of Chuckles.
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