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Summer apparel that's made to outlast summer with Nanotex® technology #ExpectationsExceeded

It's almost my favorite time of the year...summer! And that means it's time for shorts and short sleeve shirts. And of course my other favorite thing....clothes shopping with my daughter. This past winter my daughter sprouted up and now pretty much all of her summer apparel from last year is either too short, or too tight. So that means we get to go summer clothes shopping. I don't know about you, but when I buy summer clothes I like them to last through summer, and hopefully into the start of the school year since the weather is still pretty warm when they go back. So that leaves me looking for good quality clothes built just for that. I recently had the opportunity to receive an outfit for my daughter from Gymboree that featured Nanotex® technology. (You can read a little bit about it below.) With this awesome stain fighting technology I can count on her new outfit (and the other clothes we plan to shop for) to last through summer and into the next school year. This not only saves us money it also saves me time because it has stain, soil and odor protection built into the clothing. That means less time pre-soaking and scrubbing to get out those pesky stains.

Nanotex uses nanotechnology to transform the molecular structure of fibers, creating fabrics that can offer stain, soil and odor resistance, while preserving the natural breathability, comfort, and durability of apparel textiles. Nanotex clothing continues to look great wear after wear and is protected from grass stains, grape juice spills and mud puddle splashes.

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Buy it: Nanotex clothing is available at more than 100 leading brands including Target, GAP, Gymboree, Land’s End, Kohl’s, Adidas and more.

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