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Snack healthy on the go with Veggie-Go’s!

When I am out running around doing errands or playing at the park with the kids I like to always have something on hand for us for a snack just incase we need it. I'm sure you've been there, that I can't wait until lunch feeling that we all get from time to time. But with the summer heat creeping up it gets a little harder to carry snacks around in the car. That's what's great about Veggie-Go’s they won't melt or go bad while you're toting them around for that "gotta have it" moment. When I got my sampling of Veggie-Go’s I decided to do a blind taste test with my kids so they couldn't make a pre-determined opinion based on what the package said they contained. I knew if my kids seen the word beets they might not even try it or give it a chance. So I opened each of the packages before having them try them out and just let them know they were fruit and veggie leathers. For the most part the kids did like them. They each had their favorites, and each had the ones they didn't like so much. But the overall consensus was that they both liked the Sweet Potatoes & Apples Spices the most. I have to agree with them it was my favorite too. It had a nice sweet taste to it and didn't taste like just another "health food". Veggie-Go's are a great replacement to sticking a candy bar or sugar filled snack in your purse on the way out the door.

At Veggie-Go’s, we produce organic fruit and veggie leathers. They are made with simply pureed and dehydrated fruits and veggies with some fun spices – nothing else added! Our products can be found at Whole Foods Market and other leading natural foods stores nationwide. Veggie-Go’s snacks are organic, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and kid-approved!

Why choose Veggie-Go’s?
• 1/2 serving of fruit AND 1/2 serving of veggies in every strip
• Less than 1/3 the sugar of the leading fruit strip (no added sugar or fruit concentrates)
• Organic and Non-GMO
• Unique and DELICIOUS flavors!

Buy it: You can purchase Veggie-Go's through their online website.
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