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Sherish the moment with a photo that's private

There's a really cool new app out called Sherish. It's a completely private way to share your beloved photos. If you're like me you sometimes shy away from sharing photos of your kids on social media in fear that they may get shared by someone else and well who knows what after that. With the Sherish app when you share a photo it can only be see by the people you've personally invited to see it. Plus as soon as you post a photo you can have it automatically send email updates to the members so they know you've added something new.

Sherish allows you to add voice recordings to your photos telling others exactly what the photo was all about. I really liked this part because we have family hundreds of miles away and now my kids can recorded messages to go along with the photos we are sharing for their grandparents. You can also add comments and tag people in the photos. Another great feature is that Sherish has partnered with Walgreens so you can have your photos sent right from the app to the store for printing individually or as an album. Once you've uploaded all your photos you can access them by album, date, location, or people.

Sherish is very easy to get started with and you can make it as simple or complex as you like with how much you want to want to do with each photo. To share photos with others they do not even need a Sherish account. I love this part because I know I could never get my in-laws to download the app or even the desktop version and try to figure it out. This way I can upload and it just sends them an email with a link for them to go see the photos.

"In a recent survey of social media awareness conducted by the University of Michigan, more than 74 percent of parents said they had doubts about posting photos of their child on social media. The study also found that a startling 51 percent of parents offer up personal information alongside their photos that could identify a child's location, and 27 percent have publicly shared inappropriate pictures of their child."

About Sherish
Headquartered in Indianapolis, Sherish’s mission is to be your private, all in one photo solution for all your photo management, sharing and storage needs. It automatically organizes your photos and puts you in control of who you share your photos with. Sherish allows for users to have access to a private photo sharing network outside of social networks that so commonly track and profile their users. Sherish provides unlimited, safe cloud storage that is ad-free on a subscription basis. For more information, please visit

Download it: You can download the Sherish app at iTunes or for your desktop. Sherish offers unlimited photo storage and is now available in the iTunes app store for $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year. Sherish for Android will be available in June.

You can check out Sherish FREE for 6 months right now so check it out!
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