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When I'm hungry and not "me" I reach for my emergency SNICKERS®! #WhenImHungry #Ad

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On a recent trip doing errands with my best friend this past Saturday we stopped at our local Circle K convenience store to grab a drink and a quick snack between stores. As we were headed through the front doors I spotted the candy isle, my weakness! So we decided to head on over and see what looked good and to check to see if they had any of the newer SNICKERS® varieties in stock. They were all arranged next to each other on the self so it was pretty easy to spot them.

There they were all in a nice little row (I swear they were each screaming "pick me"). I will be the first to admit not only do I have a weakness for sweets, I have an even bigger weakness for my love of SNICKERS®. I've had almost every variety they've came out with so far if that says anything. So after a little debating I decided to pick up the King Size version of the SNICKERS® Extreme AND the SNICKERS® Peanut Butter Squared since they were on a nice Buy 1 get the 2nd for $1.50 sale. These are the perfect size for sharing, and for my emergency purse stash! Plus I hadn't had tried the SNICKERS® Extreme variety yet.

Since we still needed a snack for "right now" I picked up two of the SNICKERS® Almond bars too. They were on a nice Buy 1 get the 2nd for $1 sale! So we proceeded to the checkout counter, finished our purchase and headed back out to the car. And here's my next confession, I tore into my SNICKERS® Almond as soon as I got into the car and ate it like I hadn't eaten in days. Afterwards I felt embarrassed at how fast I had chomped it down. At that I made sure I hurried up and put my emergency bars right into my purse, otherwise I think I may have broke into them too.

And now to explain that whole "emergency bar" thing. I'm one of those that gets very moody if I'm hungry and don't get a snack quick, my kids and husband can attest. At times it can be funny (well at least looking back now it is) how my kids react when they know that mamma is hungry. Over the years I've come to realize when I am getting to the point that I either need to stop and have a snack or it's going to get ugly soon. And as my kids have gotten older they've also come to notice when my mood starts to go down hill quick that it means "get mom a snack!" like now. That's why I like to keep something close at hand like my "emergency" SNICKERS® bar in my purse. The SNICKERS® Peanut Butter Squared are perfect for the because if my kids are with me I can share a piece with them too. Plus if I only need two squares I can fold the wrapper in half and save the other two for later.

Thankfully I did put that extra bar in my purse because I already had to break into it and eat a few pieces. We went to the park on Sunday after church since it was so nice out and I forgotten to toss afternoon snacks in the car when we left that morning. So after a few uneventful arguments from the kids mom started to get that "look". My son stopped and said "Mom, do you have a snack in your purse?". I told him yes I did and asked why. He responded by explaining to me that he could see by my face it was time for me to break it out. I couldn't help but laugh, I knew it myself but was trying to avoid it since I didn't want to share my special "emergency" stash!

So with that I broke out my SNICKERS® Peanut Butter Squared and ate a few of the yummy squares to tide me over till we got home.

So tell me do you have any funny "need an emergency SNICKERS®" moments? I bet if you think back you can recall a time where you really needed a snack to calm your hunger inside.

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