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The Importance of Exercise in my Nutrisystem Journey #NSNation #ad

After not being able to exercise for almost two weeks now I'm really starting to understand just how important it is. I'm definitely looking forward to my follow up appointment on Thursday and hopefully getting released from the doctor to start exercising again. I don't have the energy I did before my surgery, and I just feel plain blah by afternoon. I never realized just how much my body needed the exercise and consistency. When I got notification for my last shipment of food and saw that it was for around 50lbs. of food I got to thinking about just how much weight in food we put into our bodies in a months time. I got to thinking about how much other food besides my Nutrisystem I also have to eat with my plan from the SmartCarbs and PowerFuels to the veggies and beverages. WOW that's a lot of weight going in. And that also got me thinking about just how important exercise is to this program and our everyday lives. Yes our bodies do burn some of the foods off naturally as we go about our normal day, but with exercise it helps burn even more keeping us healthy and fit. So when you think about it exercise along with a program like Nutrisystem is a great way to keep yourself on track.

So with no exercise I am not really seeing much of a change in my numbers over the last week. I'm down to 175.8 so not really much. I'm not surprised because I haven't done anything extra. Actually I've done less because I couldn't even do simple household chores for the first week after my surgery. Over the last few days I've started feeling better and have been able to do a little bit more so hopefully this week ends a little better. I'm ready to get back on my exercise bike and taking longer walks. I've even ordered some exercise bands and found my old weights so I'm hoping to add those to my program too.

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