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Having a Birthday Party with a little help from Oriental Trading!

As some of you may know both my son and daughter had their birthdays earlier this month. Their birthdays are exactly a week apart so we usually have a combined party with our relatives to make it easier on everyone. This year they decided they would like to have a hunting themed party since they both enjoy hunting with their dad. I knew right away exactly where I was going to look for party supplies so I pulled up the Oriental Trading website and started looking for hunting themed supplies under their party section. I was actually quite surprised at how many great themed things they had in this category. I could have gotten the entire line of table service products in camouflage even. I chose to only get the dessert plates (shown above) because we were having the party in a restaurant this time and didn't need all the other stuff like cups/napkins etc. I also got a themed tablecloth for the kids present and cake table so it would stand out from the other tables in the room as being for them. It was a super nice plastic tablecloth that I was even able to just wipe off the little bit of icing that got on it and fold it back up to use again later. I've purchased some in the past that were so thin they ripped with just the slightest tug. This one didn't rip at all and was really nice looking with their themed decor. I also picked out a really cute display stand with a deer on top that holds little paper cones. I filled them with brown candies (my idea of deer poo) also from Oriental Trading. The kids all loved them and the adults thought it was a super cute idea.

Another great item I found was a package of Magic Color Scratch Paper Activity Sheets. If you're not familiar with those they are what looks like black sheets of paper that actually are full color underneath. They remind me of a scratch off ticket. They come with little sticks making it easy to draw and create lots of great pictures. The kids (and adults) loved these and kept busy through out the party drawing away. These are great to just have on hand for fun too.

And finally I got a few decor items.  I hung the Hunting Hanging Swirls above all the tables where we were eating and where the presents were at. I hung the Big Buck Cutout on a flat wall and we used it to play pin the bulls-eye on the buck. My SIM card in my camera got messed up and I lost about half my party photos and unfortunately I lost the ones of the kids playing the game. But you can see what it looks like in the above photo. I made little bulls-eyes and put glue dots on the back then blindfolded the kids for a little fun game.

All in all we had a wonderful time at the party and everyone was super excited about my decor. I have to thank Oriental Trading for the awesome party supplies because they helped make my kids birthday party a big hit!

Products featured at the birthday party from Oriental Trading:
The Hunt Is On Treat Stand with Cones
• Brown Chocolate Candies
• The Hunt Is On Tablecloth
• Camouflage Dessert Plates
• Big Buck Jointed Cutout
 Hunting Hanging Swirls
• Magic Color Scratch Paper Activity Sheets
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