Stacy Talks & Reviews: Have you tried the New Bazooka Candy Brands' Juicy Drop Gummies yet?

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Have you tried the New Bazooka Candy Brands' Juicy Drop Gummies yet?

Earlier this year the fan favorite Juicy Drop brand expanded to include Juicy Drop Gummies. They are an innovation that lets fans control their flavor experience. It combines delicious sour-sanded gummies with the signature Juicy Drop sour gel pen. Using a special “drop zone” on the gummy, you get to combine the two for an amazing taste experience.

My kids had a ton of fun squeezing out the sour gel onto the gummies. I'm not sure which they actually enjoyed more eating them, or putting on the gel. They even had some of the gel leftover when they were done with all of the gummies in the package and started looking for other candy to put the gel on to see how it would taste. They said it wasn't as sour as they would have liked it to be, but to me I thought it was plenty sour enough. Gave my mouth a pucker!

Juicy Drop Gummies are available in deliciously sour flavors including Knock-Out Punch, Blue Rebel, Apple Attack and Watermelon Blast.

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  1. I'd love to try these! I'm all about the sour!!


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