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Celebrating Milestones & Victories with Nutrisystem #NSNation #ad

Sometimes when we start to get into a routine it gets well...boring. I know for me that tends to happen sometimes. And I will admit it's happened while on my Nutrisystem journey at least once. Eating the same foods day after day, recording the foods, and all the other daily rituals that go along with it. For some people I know that's the part that helps them the most, the routine of it all. But for me it was starting to make things more difficult to keep going then it was helping me.  I found out I was released from my surgery doctor to exercise my legs and arms, but also the same day found out I had a bad sinus infection paired with an unbearable headache for days. I was getting down big time and knew if I didn't do something I would stumble bad and just eat whatever I felt at the moment and was easy. That's about the time my Nutribear arrived celebrating the 10lbs I had already lost. It honestly gave me a little boost of confidence and reminded me of why I had started this program. That's why I decided to try something different this past week. In the last week I didn't use the App to track what I had drank or ate. I also ate when I felt like I needed something relying on my body to tell me instead of a clock. If I felt less hungry for a meal I had one of the bars instead of say an egg omelet for breakfast, or a microwave meal for lunch. I did eat my in between snacks as usual and added my veggies whenever I needed a little more to get me through if the meal bar wore off too soon. This actually seemed to work very well for me. I felt like I was in charge and I wasn't being forced to follow a "diet" per-say. I've been up an moving around a lot more now that I'm not restricted to light movement and that's also helped me get the "reboot" I needed too.

At the end of last week I weighed in at 174.4 on Sunday morning. Down a little over a pound from the previous 175.8.  However just for kicks I stepped on the scale this morning after breakfast and found myself at a whopping 172.2! I was super excited to see this for sure. That let me know what I was doing was the right choice. With the Nutrisystem meals coupled with the appropriate snacks and fill-ins on my time it's working great. Sometimes we have to just do what we feel is the best plan for us to make things the most productive. I even noticed my favorite skinny jeans were a little loose around the belly this morning too! Double victory today!

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