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Trying new Foods from Nutrisystem #NSNation #ad

Today marks the end of week five that I've been on the Nutrisystem program. With my second months shipment I received some of the same meals I had the first month, and some new ones. I was pretty excited about several that I saw that were new and couldn't wait to try them and share what I thought. I enjoy trying new foods especially when it's just a one serving thing so I don't feel like I'm being wasteful if I don't like it and won't eat it again. So far from everything I've tried from Nutrisystem the only thing I've found that I really didn't like and won't eat again is a few meals that had mushrooms in them. I do not like mushrooms of any kind and don't ever eat them in my regular meals. But I went ahead and tried a few of the meals I was sent because I wanted to be able to at least say I tried them. One I tried was a stuffed pasta that had mushrooms in the sauce. I ate the pasta and tried to eat the sauce around the mushrooms, but I could still taste that they were in the meal and really didn't enjoy it. At least now I can say I tried however and my kids saw that so they know mommy is willing to try things too. Now on to better things, and better meals (in my opinion that is).

Here's a few new foods I got:
Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza: LOVE LOVE LOVE - Seriously what's not to love about chicken, bacon, and pizza? And putting them all together is even better!

Italian Sausage & Turkey Pizza (shown above): This was a new experience for me, I'd never had turkey on pizza before. I have to say it was very good and paired with the sausage it was a good combination. Paired with some mixed veggies with a little low calorie cheese sauce made for a filling dinner.

Sweet & Sour Chicken: Again there's chicken so right off it had my attention. And I just so happen to love Chinese food so that made this meal one I was happy to try out. It cooked up nicely in the microwave and was so good I hope to see this one again next month!

Chicken Fajita Melt: This was one of the frozen lunches I got for this month. I was afraid it might be spicy after reading the contents of the fajita melt, but honestly it wasn't. I really enjoyed this one too.

White Cheddar Popcorn: This was one of my desserts I got to try. Last month I had butter popcorn that I thought was great. I guess I thought the same thing about the white cheddar because before I realized it my bag was empty. It had a great taste and was a nice reward and movie time snack at the end of the day.

So after another week of being busy I've learned how to better plan my days so I don't miss meals, or get off track. I now have little containers of steamed veggies ready in the refrigerator for a quick lunch addition, or snack between meals. I also keep a few of my Power Fuels portioned and ready to take with me if I need to do errands too which has helped a lot. Before I'd run out of the house and completely forget about snacks, or lunch and then be starving by the time I got back home. Now I have things ready that I can grab and take with me. I haven't really seen a lot of change in my measurement numbers so I'm not going to share them quite yet. I don't want anyone getting discouraged from seeing them. I know it was a little hard for me not to at first, but after seeing myself in a few of my outfits I know there are changes happening. I don't see the bulge in the front when I wear a straight dress anymore and that makes me happy! I'm another pound down this week to 177, so I would like to call my week a success. That was even after having dinner out for Valentines with my husband and having garlic bread with my salad.

Want to know more? You can learn more about Nutrisystem here.

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