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Planning a Date Night for Valentine's Day and beyond #YoursandMine #Ad

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I'll be the first to admit when it comes my husband and I actually making time for ourselves well, it just doesn't happen all that often. To be truthful it doesn't happen near as much as it should. If you have kids I'm sure you can relate to this too. You think you have it all planned out, the kids are going to friends houses for the night. You're finally going to have an evening to yourself, then BAM, one of the kids gets sick. Yep that's the realistic life of a parent. And well, with that we slowly keep pushing back time for ourselves and our spouse. I'm determined things are going to be different this year, and am already working on ways to make that change.

Over the last month my husband and I have already been working on ways we can do more together (just the two of us) and connect on a deeper level. One of those ways we actually started working on this past month is getting into better shape both physically and nutritionally. We have both started changing our eating habits (which means altering how I cook too), and are now trying to incorporate exercising together. That one's been a little tougher with him working all day and us not having a lot of free time in the evenings. But with will and determination we will stay on our path and see progress together as a couple and a team.

Another part of not having a lot of time together means we don't usually do a whole lot for couples holidays like Valentine's Day. But after all we've been working on lately I've decided that this year is going to be different. And that's why I started working on the couples basket in the photo above. It's something we can use parts of over multiple occasions. I got us arm bands for our iPhones for when we exercise together, and snack bars for after the workout. You may think it sounds strange, but doing things like getting healthier together has really brought about a deeper level of intimacy for us. And it's a big ego booster hearing my husband tell me how nice I am looking with the weight I have lost. And that makes me want to show it off in the bedroom too. *wink wink* I also put some items in the basket that we can use (along with a few fresh ingredients) to make dinner together for our family one night. And as I'm sure you can already fill in the blank the other goodies in the basket will be for our Valentine's night together. I'm really looking forward to showing my husband how good I look in my Valentines nighty and sharing the K-Y® DATE NIGHT package too.

At my Walmart the K-Y® DATE NIGHT package was found in the isle right where everyone stands in line for the pharmacy. I have to admit at first I was a little embarrassed about standing there looking for the product, and then taking photos making it even more obvious why I was there. But then I got to thinking I'm not the only one using these obviously because there are empty rows on the shelves. So what do I have to be embarrassed about? I'm a married mom trying to plan a night of intimacy and spice things up for my husband and myself.

So with my new attitude I stepped forward and picked up the special K-Y® DATE NIGHT package and put it in my cart. Plus this special limited edition package includes a whopping $50 bonus inside too. It includes one free meal for two people from delivered to your door, a $5 VUDU movie credit for you to stream right at home, and of course the K-Y® YOURS+MINE Couples Lubricants. Wow that's a whole night in just one box. And let me tell you I can't wait to surprise my husband with it all. He has no idea what I've been planning with my surprise basket. Want to check out the K-Y® DATE NIGHT package for yourself, but just can't quite get up the courage to do it in store? Don't worry you can also find it at Walmart online too.

See those smiles? Those are the smiles of two people in love, two people that have found ways to make time to show each other they are important to each other. I challenge you to make that time this Valentine's Day. Make the time to show that special someone in your life just how much you care. Show them in a special way that's meant just for their eyes to see, show them with 
 K-Y® YOURS+MINE and make it night they won't forget.

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