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Light things up with the 3-in-1 LED Flashlight #LEDflashlight

We've always kept flashlights around the house for those "just in case" moments. But as I'm sure you've probably experienced yourself (either with a flashlight or other item) it's never where you left it just when you need it. That's one of the many reasons I really like this flashlight, it has a magnetized base. I'm able to stick it to the top of my refrigerator and it won't roll off, and it's actually there when I need it. It also has a weather resistant anodized aluminum body making it super tough and resistant to various weather elements. So it would make a great flashlight to store in your car and for using at night if you need to work under the hood, or even change a tire. It's easy to operate; first click turns on the CREE LED, second turns on the 18 white LED's on the side, and the third click turns on a red LED. It runs on three standard AAA batteries (not included) making it super easy to keep it ready for use. I really like this flashlight and just how bright it is in the dark. You can see the light from it clear across the room making it perfect for use through out the house.

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