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Celebrating the small victories with Nutrisystem #NSNation #ad

I've learned through the last month being on Nutrisystem that you have to celebrate your victories no matter how small they may seem. And that's why I'm celebrating another pound down this past week. To you a pound may not seem like much, but week after week that starts to add up. And as I've been told by many sources it's best to lose the weight slow and steady if you want to keep it off. I can say I stand by that claim because I've seen my husband lose a bunch of weight fast, and inevitably he's always gained it back. So for me a pound a week is fine.

I got my next month's shipment of food in and added it to my "Nutrisystem" corner. Having a place for just my foods has helped me stay on track with eating just the meals I'm supposed to. I can go right to my corner and pick out foods for the day, or meal by meal. I also have meals in the freezer to choose from and those too are in a special space that's just for my foods. It helps me keep from looking at other foods in a cabinet or in the freezer that might tempt me to eat something that just "looks" good, but isn't the best choice for my body. I'm feeling better and I want to keep it that way. And with that I've already started buying different foods for my family too. Yes I will finish up things we already had in the house, but from here on out I've told them there will be changes made. If I'm not willing to eat something because I know it's bad for my body I should do the same for my family too.

Here's my lunch and dinner from one night last week. I opted for a pantry item for lunch, and a frozen meal for dinner. I didn't do anything to dress either of them up because I ended up eating a cup of raw cauliflower for lunch and a side salad with my dinner. And I will say I had trouble finishing my whole dinner. I can tell that my body has adjusted to the smaller meals well, and can feel it if I start getting full and I know it's time to stop. I have to say I LOVE that feeling, knowing when I'm full and knowing I need to stop.

Overall this past week has been what I'd call another victorious week. I'm down another pound finishing the week at 178. I'm slowly creeping down the 170's, but it will be all worth it when I meet 169 in the weeks to come! This week my plan is to step it up a notch with the exercise and see if that helps however. I want to build on my exercising week by week so I can do more and start building muscle in place of the fat I've been losing.

Nutrisystem is also celebrating small wins with Small Win Wednesday! Every Wednesday, they’ll be celebrating those victories in your weight loss journey that have nothing to do with the scale. Anything from finally fitting into your favorite pair of jeans to mastering a new healthy recipe is a win worth celebrating—so make sure to share!

Want to know more? You can learn more about Nutrisystem here.

I'm being provided the Nutrisystem program in exchange for participating in their blogger program. However, all thoughts and opinions stated along the way are my own. #NSNation #ad
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