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A time for reflection, thank you Nutrisystem! #NSNation #ad

I don't have a new photo for you this week because I had surgery last Thursday and had my gallbladder removed. I'm not able to stand straight up very well without feeling it pull on the incision areas so I'm not going to push it. So I've decided to dedicate my post this week to a reflection on how my journey is going so far and how this little bump in the road has affected me. Before having the surgery my mind started going into overdrive worrying about how it would affect my Nutrisystem journey. How am I supposed to get all of my food in when I can't eat the entire morning of my surgery? Will I be able to eat my meals after surgery? How am I supposed to lose weight if I can't exercise? I'm sure you've been there before, all the what ifs and questions that run through your mind. Well, I decided after spending a good amount of time thinking about it all that I was just going to let it go and do what had to be done to make myself well again. And with that I had my surgery, and ate pretty much nothing but crackers for the rest of the day. I'm one of those lucky people that gets sick from anesthesia so I didn't get a whole lot of food in the day of surgery. I was able to eat a lunch bar for dinner which was something and I knew it would give me some of the nutrients I needed as well. The next few days I still wasn't feeling much up to eating so I took it slow and ate what I could. Luckily I had saved my chicken noodle soup and the chicken pot pie meals because they've come in handy. I can't do any exercising and I'm still a bit swollen from the surgery so I'm not even going to try doing measurements this week because I don't want to discourage myself for no good reason. So far I've been consistently losing at least a pound a week and I'm starting to notice it when I look in the mirror. Reflecting back to the photo above gives me great hope in my journey knowing what I started out looking like in the beginning and knowing I don't want to get back there again. Today I've finally started back on a full day of Nutrisystem foods and have found it to be refreshing to know exactly what I'm putting into my body calorie wise and knowing that I'm doing good for my body and myself. I think that's been one of my favorite parts of the program is keeping myself accountable by putting what I eat into the Nutrisystem app everyday. I like knowing exactly how many calories foods are that I consume and knowing that I'm eating foods that are good for me too. It's really changed how I look at foods both at home and away when eating out. I haven't been to a fast food restaurant since starting the program and honestly I do not miss or crave the foods at all. When I first started I thought I would miss it, but I've learned that filling my body with foods that are truly good for me satisfy me more so than the empty calorie foods I was eating before. I'm about half away through my journey and am looking forward to seeing how I can make the second half even more beneficial to my weight loss journey.

I was surprised (and relieved) when I stepped on the scale and I'd lost another pound from the previous week putting me down to 176. I'm sure some of that is due to me eating less for a few days and some is from the early part of the week doing my usual foods and exercise. I'm hoping however this week I don't end up gaining with not being able to do any exercising besides light walking. But I know in my mind that if I do it's only temporary and due to the surgery restrictions. And as soon as I'm able I'll be right back on the exercise and will keep my momentum going.

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