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My Nutrisystem Fast 5+Results are in! #NSNation #ad

This past week on Nutrisystem was my Fast 5+ week. It was basically as I mentioned in my post last Monday a boot-camp for your body to "jump-start" the journey.The foods and shakes shown above are what I had to choose from for my meals each day. These were paired up with a minimum of four non-starchy vegetables and at least 64 oz. of water per day. I didn't have any problem getting my veggies in each day because I love to eat salad and vegetables both raw and cooked. The problem I did have was getting myself used to drinking so much water. I've never been a big drinker of water so it took a few days to train myself to keep drinking through out the day and not just when I felt good and thirsty or during a meal. Today I'm going to share with you a few of the meals I had as well as how I'm doing so far.

For breakfast I had a variety of bars and muffins to choose from, and I have to say every one of them I tried I did like. I even liked the Cinnamon Raisin Bar, which I didn't think I would because I'm not a big raisin fan. It was however very good. Reminded me of eating a streusel cake or something similar to that. A few of the bars were very nutty, but they also had other things in them that I thought took away from the amount of nuts packed into them and made them taste better than I expected. The muffins were about the size of a small muffin you'd make in a pan at home. They were super moist though so eating them without my usual slather of butter wasn't bad. Breakfast was a definite change for me because I'm used to eating much more than a single muffin or granola bar. Nutrisystem knows what they are doing though when packing the breakfast foods with just the right ingredients because most days I paired my food with a glass of V-8 juice and was fine until I had my mid-morning energi-ZING shake.

One of the things I really enjoyed was still being able to have pizza for dinner. Yes the portion size was much smaller than what one would typically eat when having pizza, but it was the portion our bodies actually need. I also chose to jazz up my cheese pizza by adding some diced tomatoes and broccoli to it before adding the cheese and cooking it. I have to say it was delicious. That's the great part about being able to have unlimited veggies, you can customize any meal to fit your preferences. I also had a salad to go along with my pizza to make it a complete meal just like I would if I were to go out for pizza for dinner. The only thing missing was a breadstick and cheese, but I'll be adding in bread next week so I'm okay with waiting.

One night for dinner I had a Turkey Sausage & Bacon Rigatoni meal. It was very good in flavor and I thought was a nice portion. I paired it up with a serving of salad for a complete meal. I didn't leave the table feeling hungry and the only thing I had after that was my Craving Crusher Shake that I had saved. I knew I would be up late scrapbooking with friends so I saved my shake for after dinner instead of between lunch and dinner. It worked out perfectly, when I started to feel a little hungry I drank my shake and was content the rest of the night with just water.

I won't lie, the first week was a little tough. There were times that I was hungry not long after a meal, but I was able to curb that with a serving of vegetables and some water. After a few days of training myself and my body I was able to better pair up my Nutrisystem meals with the right added veggies to keep myself fuller longer and not have those dips where I felt super hungry. I followed the plan and didn't do any extra exercises beyond my typical household chores. One morning that I did do a little extra cleaning I did feel it and had to stop and eat some veggies and just take it easy. I could tell that my body didn't have enough calories built up for it.

End of Week 1 Stats:
Weight: 182 lbs (down 6 lbs)
Chest: 41.7"
Waist: 35.7"
Hips: 44"
Thighs: 23.8"
Arms: 11.7"

I'm down 6 lbs so far and am pretty satisfied with that. My other stats for the week aren't as impressive as I would have liked to have seen them, but I think that may be partly because I started my period over the weekend and am bloated from that. I'm not going to let it get me down or off track. I'll just measure again next week and hopefully it will all level out then.

Looking ahead: Staring today I will be adding more in to my diet including snacks between meals, and a dessert after dinner. Snacks will consist of SmartCarbs and PowerFuels. I'll share all about those in my post next week and tell you what I picked for some of my healthy snacks (instead of my old junk food snacks!) You can learn more about Nutrisystem here in the meantime.

I'm being provided the Nutrisystem program in exchange for participating in their blogger program. However, all thoughts and opinions stated along the way are my own. #NSNation #ad
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