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Black Jewell Popcorn - It's Snack Time!

I have to say one of my favorite snacks is popcorn. You might think wow really? But yes I'm for real. And you might also be wondering why something so simple could be my favorite. Well, let me tell you why. It's a snack that can be eaten in so many ways the ideas are probably unlimited. You can eat it just as it is right out of the bag, you can add toppings (like cheese or flavorings), you can add it to other ingredients for a snack mix, or you can even make it creative by adding things to it like caramel for popcorn balls. See popcorn doesn't just have to be plain ole popcorn. With that said I'd like to share with you about a new brand I've recently come to know about (and now love) that's grown right here in Indiana where I am from. It's called Black Jewell Popcorn and it comes in both jars and in the typical microwave popcorn style bags. And ready-to-eat popcorn is coming soon (can't wait to try this too!). Black Jewell contracts with family farms to grow their popcorn which says a lot to me. I love hearing about companies that work with local farms to produce their product therefore giving back to local communities in a variety of ways. Another cool thing about Black Jewell is that their kernels are colored (but pop up white) and are smaller (resulting in less hulls and hard pieces when popped).

When I received my popcorn I couldn't wait to start popping it up and trying it out for myself. I first started with the natural popcorn, then I tried the butter and finally the kettle. And between the three I have to say I like the kettle the best, which was actually a surprise to me. Normally I think kettle popcorn is too sweet and when I want a light snack in the evening I don't normally want something super sweet. I was very surprised at how light the sweet was with this kettle popcorn, but it still had a great flavor to it. Another thing I really liked was that there weren't a ton of unpopped kernels in the bottom of the bags after popping them in the microwave. I always hate when there's a bunch of kernels in the bottom I have to throw away and waste.

For a fun comparison I also tried their jars of bulk kernels. I was curious if there would be a difference in the amount of unpopped kernels between the microwave bags and the bulk kernels. Due to the smaller size of the kernels I opted to use our popcorn popper that you stir that works on the top of the stove. I think this was the best idea because we had hardly any unpopped kernels when we were finished, and none of it was burnt which meant I cooked it just the right amount of time. I used the popcorn popping tips on the Black Jewel website as a guideline for how much to cook and for how long. Overall I would have to say there really isn't much difference in the amount of popped corn you get between a bag or bulk popped corn. I honestly think it all depends on how well you listen to when the popping slows. One time I went a little too long with a bag and had some burnt pieces, but after that I pretty much had it down and knew when to stop the microwave and ended up with very few kernels left over after that.

Even my new kitty Simone thought the popcorn was great. She had a lot of fun just batting it around and playing with it. She had no idea she was playing with food, I think she thought it was a special kitty toy she could carry around and bat across the floor.

All products are 100% natural (no artificial ingredients).  All products are Non-GMO Project Verified. Black Jewell’s popcorn's are colored kernel varieties that pop up “pure white” and contain protective antioxidants that are not present in white and yellow popcorn varieties. They’re whole grain, gluten free, cholesterol free, and they pop pure white and virtually free of hulls. Grown and harvested on small Midwestern farms, Black Jewell Popcorns are a product of fertile soil, fresh air, and pure water.

Buy it:
You can purchase Black Jewell Popcorn through their online store.

Black Jewell Jar Popcorn comes in Crimson Jewell, Original black, Mayan Gold, Pearly White, and Native Mix.

Black Jewell Microwave Popcorn comes in butter, natural, no salt/no oil, and kettle flavors.
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