Stacy Talks & Reviews: Stay on your "A" Game with Pocket Protein & Pocket Protein KIDZ #PocketProtein

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Stay on your "A" Game with Pocket Protein & Pocket Protein KIDZ #PocketProtein

Do you struggle to get a balanced diet in with all of your running around you do sometimes? Especially with the holidays in full gear right now I'm sure you can relate. I know some days it's half way through the afternoon (about the time I'm starting to get that slump) when I realize I forgot to eat lunch. And by then my mood has gone downhill and I just feel like crawling under my blanket for the rest of the day. Thanks to great innovations like Pocket Protein I can start my day out right and with enough energy to help keep me from crashing when I forget to grab lunch on time. And right now the makers of Pocket Protein are in the midst of a crowdfunding project to rasie enough funds to fully support their newest product: Pocket Protein KIDZ. Pocket Protein KIDZ contains seven grams of protein with essential vitamins. Important things our kids need to build muscle and give them the energy to be active and focus better in school. Plus it helps keep them fuller, longer. Now you can make sure both you and your kids have the added protein we all need to keep us going throughout the day! I tried the adult version while my daughter tried the new KIDZ version and we both loved the sweet taste. She was even begging for mine once she had hers finished. Guess it looks like I'll be needing to order some for her. They are great for on the go, and for school lunches.

Pocket Protein is the latest innovation in good nutrition. It is a convenient sugar free protein drink that utilizes a proprietary blend of whey protein isolate and hydrolyzed collagen to provide maximum nutritional impact in a pocket-friendly package. Our amino acid blend increases satiety without adding calories. Our carbohydrate free formula helps control blood sugar. Pair with a complex carbohydrate for a complete snack that keeps you fuller longer while mitigating insulin spikes. Pocket Protein is fat free too! Fat free protein drinks allow you to control calories without sacrificing good nutrition. Pocket Protein combines all of these benefits in an easy-to-carry package that tastes great.

Pocket protein is:
 • Sugar Free
 • Fat Free
 • Carb Free
 • Gluten Free
 • Lactose Free
 • Stimulant Free
 • Non-GMO
 • And has no artificial colors

Please consider helping support this awesome company and trying Pocket Protein KIDZ with your kids today!

Buy it: Currently there's a Mommy special ($19) Pre-Order Package Buy 6 - Give 6. When you pre-order a 6 pack of Pocket Protein KIDZ, they will donate 6 to a child in need.  And you can save 15% while supplies last by using the promo code TRAINING at checkout.

And right now they are running a Pocket Protein KIDZ Sweepstakes that you'll be entered in automatically to Win a $500 Visa Gift Card!
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