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Holiday Gift Guide: Pinch Me Therapy Dough

If you're like the rest of us your probably feeling the added stresses of the holidays. And to be honest we could all really use a way to de-stress and just relax a little through it all. I was recently introduced to Pinch Me Therapy Dough and couldn't be more pleased with how awesome it is. It may look like you're standard container of play dough or putty, but it's not, it's so much more. Each container is infused with spa-quality oils and is colored with soft, subtle hues to act as subliminary calming agents. And let me tell you these two things together do wonders. When I first opened my container of "Earth" therapy dough I took a big sniff to see what the hype was all about. Yes it smelled nice but I was still wondering if it really would have any effects or not so I pulled out a big pinch of the dough and started playing with it. I didn't really feel anything based on playing with the dough (I wasn't stressed at that moment either), but after putting the dough back and walking away from the container I noticed that my hands still smelled like the dough. Now this I noticed and I really enjoyed. It was a nice fresh and relaxing scent. I would have to say this stuff was pretty awesome, the smell stuck around on my hands for hours after I played with the dough. I even caught myself cupping my hands to my nose a few times to really get the full scent effect. Now I'm looking forward to a stressful moment just so I can test it out that way too!

Pinch Me Dough Scents:

Ocean: Ah, the soothing aroma of the surf. A soft, tranquil scent that’s sure to speak to your inner mermaid. Dip your fingers in the OCEAN and let the calming begin.
Tropics: Escape to the easy, breezy and exotic tranquility of the Tropics. Paradise does, indeed, have a scent and we’ve captured it in all of its coconutty goodness and locked it deep within this formula.
Beach: Get mentally swept away to the seaside getaway you’ve been dreaming about. BEACH exudes the relaxing aroma of the sand, sun, and surf. No sunscreen required.
Spa: Soft and feminine, with just a hint of soothing lavender. All the tranquility of a day at the spa without the hefty price tag. Enjoy the lucid aroma of a restful day of pampering. SPA: Because you deserve it.
Earth: Rekindle the flame in campfires gone-by with the crisp fragrance of the outdoors. A rich, woodsy scent that envelops you with the sensation of the forest. EARTH: for the nature lover in you.
For Men: The rugged aroma of rich leather captured in a truly masculine scent. It evokes a subtle machismo without all the swagger. FOR MEN: We think it’s absolutely strapping.

Buy it:  You can purchase your first tub of Pinch Me Therapy Dough for $19.99. Each additional tub is only $16.99. Or you can purchase all six for $97.99. 

Perfect for stocking stuffers and Christmas goodie bags!

You support our soldiers with your Pinch Me Dough purchase too which is an added benefit in itself if you ask me. For every container you purchase they will pay for a soldier's half day stress management training with

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