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Celebrate the season with Tea’s New holiday styles

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It's that time of year again when the weather starts to slowly cool down and then eventually not go back up until spring. For me that means it's time to pack away the summer clothes and pull out long sleeves and warmer clothes for the kids to wear to school. I have to make sure they stay warm when they are waiting for the bus. And it also means it's time to start shopping for my daughter's holiday dress. Each year she gets one new "fancy" dress as she calls it to wear to holiday programs and for Christmas with the family. It's something special that she remembers every year and she gets excited when she sees me starting to rotate clothes because she knows that it's time to start looking.

This year we've been looking at the new holiday styles from Tea Collection and have already found a few great dresses to add to our list to choose from.

We are trying to find something that's fancy, but can also be worn after the holidays so we are steering away from red or green this year. I really like this Schneebedeckt Sash Dress we found what do you think?Looking for something special for your kids to wear this holidays season?

Be sure to check out Tea Collection and their great new styles:
Tea Collection’s New Holiday Styles for Girls
Tea Collection’s New Holiday Styles for Boys

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