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Get in the game with Petz Beach by Ubisoft for 3DS #PetzBeach

My daughter doesn't play video games nearly as often as she used to. There's just so many other things going on and so many other activities that have her attention. But when she does find a game, or whatever it may be that really catches her attention the above image is pretty much all you'll see of her until she's had her complete fill. I can say her name over and over again, heck I can even turn on her favorite cartoon, but if she's into what she's doing it won't matter. That's pretty much how she was from the moment she popped in the new Petz Beach game. She already has an overwhelming love and interest in animals so I knew from the start this would be a hit with her. While she was playing the game I asked her what she thought of the game. She said "It's so cool, It's not just cats and dogs, I can play with my very own dolphin!"  Then later she said "Oh my gosh mom I get to talk to my pets and teach them tricks!", she had discovered something new.
One of the parts that I really liked about the game was that as she played and explored different areas of the game it opened up even more she could do. It wasn't the same thing over and over like some games tend to do. She was even learning to care for pets without realizing it too, great for when she asks for that little puppy at the pet store!

  • Petz fans will embark on the ultimate adventure in Petz Beach, where players can care for a variety of dogs, complete quests to expand their village and connect with other Petz owners.
  • There are more than 50 different types of animals in the game from dogs and cats, to dolphins and whales. Because the environment in game changes with the seasons, the adventure lasts all year long!
  • As players explore the town and meet new neighbors with their pets, the game expands and grows. Helping new friends will expand the village as the game progresses.
  • Through its partnership with Encyclopaedia Britannica, Petz Beach incorporates learning along the way. As kids care for their pets and complete missions, they’ll learn facts about animals, plants and insects!
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