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Celebrate Halloween in style with Oriental Trading

I like to volunteer to help out at my daughter's Brownie Scout meetings for Girl Scouts so the troop leader can have a break every so often. And with the holidays coming up I thought it would make the perfect time to get the girls into the feeling of fall and Halloween by having a Halloween Party/Craft night. I went online to Oriental Trading and ordered some crafts and goodies that were all Halloween themed to make the meeting extra fun!

We started off the meeting with a snack featuring Halloween Pretzel Packets and orange soda in some really cool Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Cups. They thought they were pretty cool and were excited when I told them they got to keep the cups at the end of the meeting so they could check them out in the dark at home. A few of the girls were putting them under the table and shutting the lights off, but there was just too much light coming in from all of the windows.
Then I had the girls do two different crafts. First they made a cook hang up sign for Halloween from a Handprint Bat Keepsake Craft Kit. They really enjoyed getting their hands painted to make the bat wings, and I thought this would be a nice keepsake for their parents to show them when they are older. The best part was the pieces for each kit were individually bagged so there wasn't a big mess of pieces everywhere and each girl got her own set of directions to look at as she created her craft. Then we did a Pumpkin Weaving Mats craft. Most of the girls had done some sort of weaving before and were quick to help the few out that hadn't. This one was pretty much self-explanatory. All I had to do was separate the paper strips at home beforehand and it was ready to go.

Then to finish off the meeting I brought a Zombie Pirate Pull-String Piñata for the girls to enjoy filled with a Halloween Piñata Toy & Candy Assortment and lots of Halloween-Shaped Candy Fun Packs. I opted to get a pull-string pinata so there wouldn't be any swinging of a bat or stick inside the school. With this version each girl got to pull a single string until one pulled the special string that went up inside the pinata and opened the trap door. I had also put some of the extra pretzel packets in the pinata, which I might add might not have been the best idea. I say that because the opening at the bottom wasn't very big and the packets clogged it up so my son had to shake the candy out once the pull-string opening was released. This was my first time using a pull-string pinata so it was a learning experience. Next time I will know to stick with the smaller packets and candy pieces.

And here's a little video showing the girls having fun going after all of the candy once the pinata trap door was opened and the clog was removed.
All in all the girls had a great time with all of the crafts and goodies that I got from Oriental Trading.

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