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Universal Eco Eats Challenge - Freeze it, don't waste it! #EcoEats

Disclosure: I will receive a gift package from Green is Universal in exchange for participating in the Universal Eco Eats Challenge and sharing via this post.

For my Eco Eats Challenge I choose to focus on the Freeze food that is almost expired in order to preserve challenge because we actually had a really good crop of zucchini we harvested from our garden this year. Usually we get enough to enjoy for a few months as well as a little extra to share. However, this year we had a really great crop and have harvested way more than we could imagine using before it would all go bad. So I diced to do a little research and found ways to preserve our zucchini so we could enjoy it all year long. I opted to cut ours up in a few different ways so that I had options for different uses later. I've done it shredded before in baggies for breads, but never any other way. So I'm very excited to now  have some ready to add into meals as well as for making the zucchini fries that I found on Pinterest!

Are you interested in ‘eco-eating’? NBC’s Green is Universal is hosting an “Eco Eats” sweepstakes from September 29 – October 17. To join, visit their free green-living tool, One Small Act, and join the “Eco Eats” challenge. Everyone who signs-up and tackles at least one action by October 17th will be entered to win one of five 6-month subscriptions to NatureBox. No Purchase Necessary. Must be US resident and 18+. Read official rules here.

If you choose to participate come back and let me know what challenge you complete!

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