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Sharing the #SwifferEffect with a #BigGreenBox

I was so excited when the delivery man came and delivered my two Big Green Boxes! I couldn't wait to tear one open and see what was inside. Curious to know? Well here's what all I got:
  • A Swiffer Sweeper for dry and wet sweeping.
  • Swiffer Sweeper Dry Cloth refills in Febreze Lavender scent.
  • Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mopping Refills.
  • Swiffer Dusters for hard to reach places!
  • Swiffer Dusters Refills in Gain scent.
Of course once I got my peek inside I had to rip open the sweeper and dusters package and get them assembled right away so I could test them out. I'd had experience with the Swiffer Wet Jet before, but these were both new in my home.

Thanks to Swiffer I can now dust in between my stereo components and around the base of my TV. Before I had always just used a towel with a little spray on it and only been able to get just the front area. This of course left behind dust back where I couldn't reach. Which also left me frustrated and not wanting to even dust because I knew I wasn't doing the entire job right. But with a Swiffer Duster I can reach all the way back and around.

And now for my bathroom journey in Swiffering. Before I had pretty much given up trying to get the dust and hair on the floor around our air vent. It was pretty much a never ending battle trying to find something that would reach all the way up to the vent and actually pick up the dust and hair on the floor. I tried a broom, mop, both of my sweepers but nothing ever picked it up. Most of the time I ended up getting down on floor and using a wet paper towel. But now thanks to my #BigGreenBox I have the right tools for cleaning my bathroom floor. And because the Swiffer Sweeper has both wet and dry refills I can clean the floor every day if I choose with a dry pad, then once a week with a wet pad for an added clean and shine!

And now onto the fun part, sharing my second Big Green Box with my best friend. I actually had to deliver her box to her in bed because she had a back injury that had left her pretty much bed ridden until her surgery. Thankfully she was able to sit up and open the box so I could snap some photos of her enjoying her new Swiffer products. I thought she was the best person I could share these with because they would be able to help her with easy cleaning after the surgery. The Swiffer Sweeper is just as effective (if not more in some cases) when cleaning hardwood floors like she has. And with the Swiffer Dusters she won't have to bend over so much because it has a nice long handle. She was super excited to receive her package and told me she couldn't wait to test them all out as soon as the doctor gave her the all clear to be up and moving about.

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How about you? Do you Swiffer? If you don't I highly suggest you give it a try, it's truly the easiest way to clean in a jiffy!

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