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Ozeri Prestige Electric Wine Opener

The Ozeri Prestige Electric Wine Opener makes opening wine bottles easy to do in just seconds with just the push of a button. After removing the foil with the included foil cutter you simply put the wine opener on the top of the cork and then press the lower part of the side button. After you hear the motor stop you will be able to lift it up and see that the cork has been removed and is secured inside the wine opener end. Then with a second push of the button, this time the top part the cork is then released. It truly is that quick and easy to do. The wine opener features an ergonomic rubberized soft grip that fits in the palm of your hand making it comfortable to hold. Plus it's cordless so there's no dangling cord in your way. We don't drink a lot of wine in my house, so the fact that it will open up to 80 bottles in one single charge will definitely make it last a long time between charging. The other great part is it's very sleek and stylish looking so it doesn't' become an eyesore when sitting on your counter between uses.
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