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I love my Prize Candle! #TMMPrizeCandle

I recently received a Provence Lavender candle from Prize Candle and I can't even begin to tell you just how excited I was when I got the package. From the moment it arrived it was all I could do to get the package open and out of the box so I could start burning my candle. I was just so excited about all of the possibilities of what my piece of jewelry would look like once it was extracted from the candle.

I let the candle burn for awhile and checked back periodically to see how it was coming along. Then finally I could see the package! I used a pair of tweezers and slowly pulled out the plastic package then opened it to find my awesome prize inside. It was a beautiful ring with a square blue stone. Yes it was a little larger than I'd normally wear, but I thought it was beautiful and have since worn it several times with coordinating outfits.

Another fun part of the Prize Candle process is going to their website to enter your prize code number to find out just how much your prize is worth. Mine was only worth $10 but I didn't really care because I liked what I got. Plus it gave me the opportunity to refer a friend and get $10 off my next purchase!! Bonus for me because I can't wait to get another candle and find another great prize inside.

So if you love candles, and love prizes even more you'll definitely want to check out Prize Candle. If you've checked them out already I encourage you to leave a comment with what prize you got below.

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