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Big Splash Adventure Indoor Water Park - Family Fun for ALL!

My family recently made a trip to Big Splash Adventure Indoor Water Park in French Lick, IN.  We didn't plan a big vacation this summer because my husband didn't have a lot of time due to a new job and not having paid time off yet. So we took advantage of his few days he had off over shut down to head down to northern Indiana. We had never been to Big Splash before but had seen advertisement brochures at our local visitors bureau. From the time we arrived the kids immediately got super excited. You could see some of the slides that came outside of the building as soon as you pulled into the parking lot.

From the moment we walked inside the doors I knew we were going to have a ton of fun. They had a nice large indoor arcade area as well as a place you could order food. Once you arrived, you honestly didn't have to leave for anything. They were even working on an area for younger children to play which I thought was pretty awesome. I remember when my kids were younger I always wished more places offered an area for them to play since they were too small to play the arcade games.

Once we hit the changing rooms and got our suits on we immediately headed into the water park area. All I can say is WOW was it amazing. I couldn't believe just how much they had packed inside the building. There were several water slides, a lazy river, a kiddy tide pool, pool basketball, and lots of other adventure zones. Of course the kids made sure they checked it ALL out, some things even multiple times. My husband and I opted to take the lazy river around a few times and take it slow. Then we checked out the water slides with the kids. It was a ton of fun.

Then we opted to check out the hot tub that was for adults only. It was in a separate area inside fenced in to keep it safe from the little ones so they didn't accidentally step into the hot water. It was very nice being able to relax, but also being close at hand in case our kids needed us. There was also a nice sized pool outside, but we didn't get in it because it was a little cooler out with the clouds that loomed above.

All in all we had a wonderful day and we spent it as a family. I couldn't have asked for a better mini-vacation.
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