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Totally Monster & Pretend and Play - Get the kids reading today!

We're about half way through summer vacation and it's time to start thinking about back to school already. One good way to keep the kids minds active is through reading and playing interactive e-books. You can do this by taking turns reading aloud with your child and playing word games with them when you have down time. I've found that the ticket is to find a book that peaks your children's interest. I know that for my daughter when she has a book she really likes she will give up time with electronics and television to read. The books in this series are perfect for toddlers. They are nice and sturdy, full of bright colors, and are even interactive!

Silver Dolphin Books has a few fun ideas with the launch of six new interactive apps based on their popular Totally Monster and Pretend & Play book series, created in partnership with Skyreader Media Inc. The new immersive and interactive e-books for the Apple® iPad®, for ages 5 and under, provide next generation storytelling featuring bright bold colors, fun animations, and great audio!

Far from frightening, the adorable monsters of the Totally Monster app series introduce young readers to a variety of everyday situations, utilizing the bold and imaginative illustrations of former Disney animator Sue DiCicco. 

In Totally Monster: Best Friends, the two little monsters reinforce the message of what it means to be, and have, a best friend and how best friends stick together through anything. Children will learn how great it is to have a best friend to the end through the monsters’ high jinx and fun adventures.

In Totally Monster: Feelings, children learn that monsters can be blue and have good and bad days, just like us. Young children can learn to identify and express their feelings and emotions along with the monsters in this imaginative book. 

In Totally Monster: Manners, children learn that it’s important for everyone, even monsters, to have good manners. Children will enjoy the antics of the monsters as they learn how to be polite, help out, and make friends, and how much more fun it can be when we all play together.

The Pretend and Play series includes:
Pretend and Play:Toolbox where youngsters help to build a new birdhouse for Birdy. By selecting the correct tools—a saw, hammer, screwdriver, or pliers—to complete the on-screen images, app users learn the different jobs that each tool performs as well as how each job is important to completing the project. The end result, a stunning 3-D birdhouse, is reward for a job well done in addition to the personal satisfaction of completing the project!

Pretend and Play: Firefighter a captivating introduction to the heroic tasks that firefighters perform.  Children assist the app’s firefighter in saving the day by choosing the correct element for putting out a kitchen fire, saving pets from a burning home, and removing a fallen tree. The app imparts elementary fire safety in addition to an understanding of some of the many elements used by real-life firefighters. Upon completion of the challenge, children are rewarded with the creation of their own 3-D fire truck.

Pretend and Play: On the Farm where children are transported to Farmer Jack’s farm for a tour that includes a variety of adorable farm animals. From the smallest field mouse hiding in the barn’s hayloft to the tall brown horse peeking over his stall door, every animal has something to say. Children learn about animals as they select the correct animal to complete the image and also engage in small counting games—such as how many butterflies can they see among the cows—helping to build numeracy skills.  A 3-D barn is revealed at the end of the adventure.

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