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Madison Reed: It's Hair Color your way!

Have you ever colored your hair at home? Then maybe you've encountered a disaster (or two) like I have and come out looking like Bozo the Clown. You may be laughing but I am completely serious, I wish I had let someone take a picture so I could show you just how bad and bright it was. After the last episode I swore I'd never dye my hair at home again. The whole process of trying to match my hair to color strips on the side of a box just isn't enough reassurance for me anymore.

After my experience with Madison Reed and their hair color system I will admit that I have a whole new outlook on home hair coloring. With Madison Reed you go to their website and take a short quiz that asks simple questions from hair type and color to if you currently color your hair and how often. Once you answer the questions you hit submit and it gives you several suggested color options to choose from. The part I really liked was that within the individual color options you could click a color and see more photos of the color shown having been used on different people with various hair styles.

After choosing the kit I wanted I opted for the "just one box" delivery option since it was my first time ordering and I wanted to just "check it out" so to speak. When my kit arrived I couldn't believe how awesome it was. It had everything I needed to know and use all in one convenient fold-out box. It came with the hair dye mix, shampoo, conditioner, a hair cap, two pairs of gloves, cream to protect your skin from the dye, and a clean-up wipe for any dye you accidentally get on yourself during application. I was very impressed with all the little extras they went out of the way to include. The first thing I noticed and really liked right off was that the gloves were rubber and not plastic like other at home kits I have used. It was great because it was much easier to put the dye on my hair with them and they were much easier to get off after i was done simply sliding them off inside out. And there was even a second pair so you could wear a clean pair when going to wash the dye out of your hair. The hair cap was great for holding my hair up while I waited the specified time before washing my hair. And I will confess I am a messy hair dye user so I fully utilized the clean-up wipe. I really couldn't say enough great things about the kit.

Now on to the kit I actually used. I chose Sardinia Red for my hair color which was described as rich auburn with hints of copper and gold. Before I had a darker blonde with lighter highlights, and as you can probably tell my roots were really starting to grow out. I knew I wanted something different so I went with a darker color that I new would give me some hints of red. It's a little hard to tell from the photo because our bathroom has bad lighting but it really has a nice array of coloring and even looks healthier to me. I really like the way my hair looks, and the way it feels after using the hair color. Now I'm thinking about whether I want to go with the same color next time, or if I want to try something else even a little darker than this one.

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