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Flying The Colors At Home and Beyond

Every company should find American flags made in America to fly at home. The colors are beautiful, and a home should fly the colors whenever possible. These same flags can be used for a variety of purposes throughout the community. Anyone who is in need of a flag should be able to purchase one easily, and the various uses for the flags remind us that these colors are important in our everyday lives.

At Home
Flying the flag at home is the privilege of every American, and it is wise for Americans to fly these flags on their premises. The flag can be hung from a traditional flagpole, or it can sit on a pole that attaches to the front of the house. The flags come in various sizes, and the homeowner can raise and lower the flag as they see fit.

At School or Work
Schools and businesses must have American flags to hang on their flagpole. It is recommended they be hung from a heavy duty commercial flagpole for maximum exposure.  This is very important when flags are ordered to fly at half staff on a national day of mourning. Every building that has a flagpole should have a proper flag that helps to signify they support the country. The show of respect that is flying the flag at half staff is something that everyone should do out of respect. These flags are also needed for a high school color guard at a football game, for the front of a building that is affiliated with the government or a band that is marching in a parade.

For Ceremonial Purposes
The flag is folded to designate its importance when it is given to someone as a gift or memento. The flag can be purchased and flown at will. The flag can be taken down and noted as having flown on a certain day and given as a gift. These ceremonial flags are perfect for people who want to show their support for America.

Everyone can purchase American flags whenever they like. Every purpose for the American flag that is listed above should be considered important when schools, churches and businesses are flying the flag every day.
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