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Zelo Hair Smoothing System

The company:  
Zelo is a salon quality keratin hair care line that uses the finest natural ingredients and advanced smoothing technology. Zelo hair care products contain a fusion of Brazilian Keratin, exotic oils from the Amazon Rain Forest, Omega Oils and Organic Acids that nourish frizzy, rebellious hair and deliver silky smooth and shiny salon results at home. 

The product:
Zelo Hair Smoothing System utilizes the finest natural ingredients which work together to eliminate frizz, smooth rebellious curls, and deliver essential nutrients. This rich blend of oils, vitamins and organic proteins delivers sleek and shiny salon results at home.
You know the saying "Seeing is believing."? Well, I'm a firm believer in that statement. I really need to see something for myself to truly believe that it works the way it claims. And that was pretty much the way I went into trying the Zelo Hair Smoothing System.

Well, as you can "SEE" it really does smooth out your hair just as it says. I had my husband take a before photo in the morning before he left for work (left) and then another the same evening when he got back home (right). And as you can see by the photos there is quite a drastic change in the appearance of my hair. Not only did the Zelo smooth out my hair it also make the color seem to blend a lot better. I'm not sure if that is a normal part of the smoothing system, but it worked wonders for my hair.

The Zelo Hair Smoothing System is a very easy to use system too, and if you've ever died your hair at home you'll be a pro at this. It's a two part (or bottle) system that comes with very easy to follow instructions.  Basically you wash your hair twice with the first bottle. Next you towel dry your hair before spraying it with the second bottle and combing it through your hair evenly. Then you allow it to sit on your hair for 45 minutes while it works it's magic. Finally you wash your hair one more time with the first bottle again, then blow dry and flat iron your hair to finalize the process. That's it, in just a little over an hour you'll have soft and smooth hair. I really wish you could feel just how soft it really is after using the Zelo. I honestly kept running my fingers through my hair all day it felt so smooth.

Disclosure: I was provided the above mentioned product in exchange for my honest opinions.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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