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Interactive Children’s Book APP: Komaneko - Personalized for your kids

Komaneko: The First Steps - the critically acclaimed animated short film from Tsuneo Goda, creator of the lovable pop culture sensation Domo - has been adapted in a new eBook that will charm, entertain, and educate kids in a truly innovative way. This app is sure to keep all the kids in your life entertained for hours! There are so many great activities all wrapped up into one app it's great! The best is the story of course.

Komaneko is a clever and creative cat who is planning to shoot a stop-motion movie all by herself. Watch and read the story of Komaneko as she creates her first movie, and the magic that happens after she is done. I love how words are highlighted as they are highlighted as they are read so children can follow along and both hear and see what's being read.

The other great part is that you can customize multiple parts of the story just for your child!

Komaneko is a heartwarming and stunningly beautiful eBook and an educational tool that will show kids how to make their own stop-motion animations through a Movie Maker feature. The eBook also includes interactive content, personalization tools, games, and puzzles. Komaneko appeals to children of all ages and is now available on iTunes and Google Play for $3.99.

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