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Helping your kids stay healthy with Lifeway Kefir

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Have you ever tried to get your kids to eat something they were completely convinced was "nasty" or "not any good"? I know I have time and time again and have thus given up cooking several different things because of it. Well, after recently having success with getting my daughter to finally try green beans prepared differently I have vowed to never give up again. In this instance I had canned some green beans using a packet mix that made them dill green beans. I'm sure you can already guess what they tasted like...dill pickles. And just as luck would have it my daughter loves pickles. So I cooked up a few of the jars I had canned for our usual Sunday at grandmas to give it one last shot at trying to get her to taste them. After hearing several other family members talk about how good they were and that it was just like eating a pickle my daughter finally gave in and tried a single green bean. I wish I had my camera at that exact moment because the look on her face was priceless. She not only liked the dill green beans she exclaimed that she LOVED them and began scooping spoonfuls onto her plate. As a mom I couldn't have been happier. And I'll even admit that I did a silent victory dance in my head.

Since I had pulled it off once I decided to give my luck streak another shot. I've been trying to find and implement new ways to get both of my kids to choose healthier snacks and beverages. I can get them to eat most fruits and veggies as a snack if I also have a dip for them, but as far as choosing a healthy beverage I haven't had so much luck. They'd much rather have soda or sweet juices. I knew Lifeway Kefir smoothies were packed with lots of probiotics as well as calcium and protein so I thought it would be a good alternative for them. Plus they come in flavors my kids already love like strawberry and blueberry.

We had a really warm evening filled with lots of outdoor work so I thought this was my perfect chance to try out the Lifeway Kefir with my kids. After we were all inside and had began to wind down for the evening I made the suggestion we all have a glass of a new smoothie I had picked up at the store. They both were pretty excited about it so I  poured out three glasses for the kids and myself to enjoy.

They didn't even know I was testing them when I had asked if they'd like a glass of strawberry smoothie. So of course they both thought they were going to be drinking something they'd had before. So sneaky mom ideally waited to see what their reactions would be.

And as you can tell by this picture it was a hit with my daughter. She even sported a smoothie mustache for me when I went to take her picture.

You can't exactly tell by this photo, but my son loved it too. I think I caught him mid mouth full in this shot. And well, to be honest it's probably the best I could have gotten anyhow because he's not all about sporting a cute smile for mom like his sister. He actually asked if he could have the rest of the bottle for his breakfast in the morning. So I knew that meant he liked it.

So here's to my second victory dance! And of course a big thank you to Lifeway Kefir for making great smoothies my kids enjoy and don't even realize are actually really good for them. I can't wait to try out other
Lifeway Kefir products like their cheeses and the new frozen Kefir. Sounds like a great hot summers day treat to me!
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