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Old El Paso® Frozen Entrees Review #NoWayThatsFrozen

I'm a big fan of Old El Paso® products, but had never tried their line of Frozen Entrees before. When my product coupons arrived from the Platefull Co-Op I headed right out to the store to check out just what they had.

I was so excited when I saw they carried my favorite meal, chicken fajitas! I love having fajitas, but just can't ever seem to get mine to taste even half as good as going out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. So as you can imagine I was pretty excited to find an alternative to give a try.

They also had two kinds of enchiladas on display, shredded beef and chicken. I decided to pick up both of the enchilada options and give them a shot too. I knew I'd be having company over in a few days and these sounded like perfect quick and easy meal ideas. 

There was basically no prep needed for the enchiladas - just place in the oven and bake according to the directions until they were done. Don't they look delicious?

While the enchiladas were baking I started heating up the fajitas (please note picture shows two bags of the fajita mix).  Once again very simple to prepare, just pop in the pan and heat according to the directions.

With the extra time I had I thought I'd make a little bit of a topping bar to go along with the enchiladas and fajitas. You can't have enchiladas and fajitas without a little cheese and sour cream!

And of course tortillas shells to make the fajitas all come together. I just warmed them in the microwave for a few seconds to make them a little easier to put the contents in without breaking.

For more information about Old El Paso Frozen Entrees visit the Old El Paso website or connect with on Old El Paso Facebook.
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