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Introducing Marco's Pizza with Spinach! #MarcosFreshSpinach

This is a sponsored post in partnership with  The Niche Parent Network & Conference and Marco's Pizza. However all thoughts and opinions stated are my own.

When I received my Marco's Pizza package in the mail my mouth immediately began to water as I studied the pictures on the free pizza coupons I got. Looking at the brightly colored tomatoes, onions, and spinach made my stomach hungry. Thanks to my partnership with Marco's Pizza I got the opportunity to try their new Grilled Chicken Florentine Pizza and a cheese pizza with spinach as soon as they came out.

Here's our local Marco's Pizza, it's actually just a little corner of a big marketplace building just off the local collage campus.

It's a little hard to see in this picture (I didn't want to look crazy standing in the one-way drive taking pictures so I took it quick) but right on the door they have an advertisement for the new Grilled Chicken Florentine Pizza at a special price of $10.99 for a medium.

Since my husband was driving I took the opportunity to snap a shot of the top of one of the boxes. I thought it was pretty cool that it included coupons we could use on our next visit. And it again mentioned the special offer on the Grilled Chicken Florentine Pizza. It even had a code to enter if you ordered online. I could hardly stand it as we headed to our destination with the pizzas on my lap. Man did they both smell so good! Finally we arrived and I was able to open them up to see just how tasty they looked inside the boxes.

The first box I opened contained the Grilled Chicken Florentine Pizza. Imagine, tender grilled chicken, parmesan garlic sauce, four cheeses, fresh spinach, sliced tomatoes, and chopped red onions all on dough made fresh daily. Now tell me that doesn't make your mouth water. I wasn't really keen on the red onions part, but they were nice sized pieces so I was easily able to slip them out and onto my husbands pizza. They didn't even leave their taste behind on my slices. The pizza didn't exactly look quite as colorful as the one in the picture on my coupon, or the box coupon. I think they had to cook the spinach under the cheese to keep it nice and soft and not dehydrated like it may have gotten if cooked on the very top like the picture shows. Either way I wasn't complaining because it tasted just as good as it smelled.

And now for the cheese pizza with spinach. Spinach is a whole new topping for Marco's that you can order on any pizza, not just as part of the Grilled Chicken Florentine Pizza. Marco's cheese pizza is made with a three cheese blend of fresh never frozen cheese on fresh never-frozen dough made daily. Add some spinach and you're all set with a simple, yet tasteful dinner.

I would have to say I really liked both pizzas about the same. The spinach added a new flavor I had never had before on pizza, and it was just subtle enough even my daughter (who won't eat lettuce on a taco) said she liked it and asked for seconds and thirds. I think this mom just found a new way to get some more greens into her kids diet! I can't wait to see what other toppings I can pair along with the spinach next time.

You can check to see if there's a Marco's Pizza in your area right on their website. And if there is you can even place your order while you're there for carry-out or delivery.
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