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EatSmart Precision Elite Kitchen Scale

Precision Elite is EatSmarts most accurate and versatile food scale to date, not to mention an essential tool in any MOM'S kitchen. Does this set off any reminder alarms for you? If not it should, Mother's Day isn't too far away and if your mom enjoys cooking she will definitely enjoy receiving this scale for her special day.

What the Elite Does – The Precision Elite is perfect for everyday tasks from weighing food to monitoring caloric intake. Using the Precision Elite, accurate measurement of ingredients is simple and its sleek, modern design fits perfectly in any home.

Why the Elite Makes a Great Gift – An exceptional value at $36.95 on, the Precision Elite is the perfect kitchen tool for the Mom who loves to cook, bake or wants to monitor her caloric intake. The Stainless Steel Platform provides ample space to accommodate large mixing bowls and its 15lb capacity is capable of handling any job in the kitchen. Moms with diverse interests will benefit from using this versatile scale including:

  • Bakers – Seasoned bakers prefer weighing their ingredients for consistent results. Mom can now attempt all those international recipes by opting to weigh ingredients using metric units.
  • Cooks – Home chefs can weigh everything right into one mixing bowl.  This fast, easy clean up will please all.
  • Health Conscious– The scale includes a FREE EatSmart Calorie Factors Booklet that educates the consumer on calorie content and takes the guess work out of proper portion control.
  • Cost Conscious – Buying food in bulk is a money saver and measuring out a portion size allows Mom to make her own 100 calorie packs or single serving portions for the family.

Inside the box you'll find of course the scale, a Calorie Factors & Instruction Booklet, and four "AA" batteries. I was very relieved when I opened my package and saw the batteries. I'm always terrible about keeping enough "AA" batteries on hand for all my digital devices. It really has everything you need to get started using it right away.

So that's just what I did! I grabbed the closest thing I could find and plopped it down on my scale (after I inserted the batteries and turned it on of course). Yep works like a charm, in a matter of seconds I had my weight clearly displayed on the front screen. In case you're curious the button to the left is the tare button. This can be used for those times when you need to weigh a liquid in a bowl. You first put the empty bowl on the scale, then hit the tare button to "zero out" the weight before adding the liquid to the bowl.

I think the EatSmart Precision Elite Kitchen Scale is a great addition to any kitchen. Whether you're a weeknight cooking mom, or an acclaimed expert chef this scale will do just what you need. It has a clear and easy to read display with simple to use buttons on each side. It also is very easy to clean if you spill anything on the top of it. Just a simple wipe with a wet cloth and it's clean and ready to use again. And it's stainless steel so it looks great even just sitting on your counter top in between uses.
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