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Homemade Pretzels Thanks to America's Farmers #AmericasFarmers

Before joining in a partnership with America's Farmers I really had not thought a whole lot about all of the products not just produced by farmers, but also all that is made possible by those crops and animals. In case you missed my previous post about one of America's Farmers you can still check it out here. Thanks to America's Farmers and their production of crops like wheat we were able to make the awesome homemade pretzels I'm about to show you below.
My daughters birthday was a few weeks ago and to help make the night special she was asked what she'd like for dinner. She responded with "pretzels", which was a surprise to us all as you can imagine. So I spent the morning trying to figure out an inexpensive way to create pretzels for her at home. I didn't want to purchase a kit and spend a lot on it.  It really wasn't too hard once I did a little research on Pinterest and found a great pretzel recipe that was easy to follow. We decided since we were short on time and already had other dinner foods picked out to make them for dessert after dinner. I thought this would make it a little more special and a lot more memorable for her if she got to make them herself.

As you can see she had a great time mixing up then creating her own pretzels in her own unique shapes. It was so easy that we also decided we are going to do it again but as dinner filled with cheese and pepperoni when we have more time. Making things like this from scratch with wheat flour made me stop and be thankful for so many farm families out there that work hard long days to make it all possible.

I've created a few Pinterest boards so you can learn a little more about America's Farmers and get some great recipes (like the one for the homemade pretzels) too!

Good Eats Thanks to America's Farmers (Great recipes ideas, and a little more crop information.)
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