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Talking Anya Dress-up & Pet Puppies iOS APP

Hello there my name is Anya, do you want to play with me? You can take me on a play date with you and I will play with your friend's Anya. Dress me up! I repeat what you say in a cute voice. I sing, dance, laugh, make funny faces and love being tickled. I enjoy cupcakes too (but not too many!). Let's pop bubbles, twirl the hula hoop, catch flowers, play ball, so much fun! Come on lets play. Talking Anya is the only 3D Dress Up Doll with Pets in the App Store.

Take care of Anya by feeding her strawberries and cup cakes for treats. She'll respond with responssed like "Strawberries are good for your health." and "Yummy for my tummy.".

Like most apps Anya comes with some basic apparel options and appearance looks. Of course you can purchase extra outfits and accessories in the app store. In-App purchases start at 99¢ and go up to $6.99 if you want to "unlock" everything at once. I don't think that's too bad for all of the additional ways your child will be able to enjoy Anya.

You can even play with Anya with fun interactive games. Pop the bubbles as she blows them to see if you can keep up. (You can use more than one finger to tap.) I tried this game and it was really cute and fun. It's one of those games where you have to try at least a second time (or more) to see if you can beat the count you popped in the last game.

Another of the in app purchase you can make for $1.99 is to unlock 5 adorable puppies. This brings about a whole new level of play with Anya.  You can make them do tricks like: stand, spin, shake hands, fetch and crawl. And you can hug, feed, and pet them too.

And the last thing I want to highlight is the play with a friend feature. If you get two devices with Anya on them close to each other you can play multi-player games. I haven't tried this yet, but plan to download the game on my phone so I can play some of the games with my daughter when we need to pass a little time.

I thought the Talking Anya App was very cute and played around with it for quite some time myself. One of the things I really liked was her reaction if you laid the device down and didn't play with it for a little bit.  She responded with "I'm bored." and "You're not playing with me.". I thought this was a great feature to remind kids they have and app open if they laid it down and forgot.

Download Talking Anya here: Talking Anya Dress-up & Pet Puppies (works on iPhone/iPod and iPad)

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