Stacy Talks & Reviews: Cheerios Family Breakfast Project - Take the 7/7 Challange #FamilyBreakfast

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Cheerios Family Breakfast Project - Take the 7/7 Challange #FamilyBreakfast

Cheerios believes that when families connect over breakfast, amazing things can happen. That’s why they’re partnering with the Family Dinner Project, a grass roots movement whose mission is to help families everywhere access the benefits that come from connecting over a meaningful family meal, to launch the Family Breakfast Project.

As part of the Family Breakfast Project, Cheerios they are encouraging families to take 7 minutes for 7 days to have family breakfast and explore the possibilities that brings. After all, breakfast is the meal of shared possibilities.

My take: 
I received a package that contained the above items pictured as well as simple meal prep ideas, fun activities, and breakfast recipes. I was really excited about this project because breakfast has always been one of those hurry up lets get it done things in my household. I took a few minutes and browsed through the packet I received and here are a few things I read and was excited to try:

1. Encourage children to get their clothes out the night before to save time in the morning. It also included a Clothing Checklist you can hang up for younger children so they know what all they need to get ready.

2. A recipe for Jumbo Breakfast Cookies. I enjoyed this because my kids were able to help me prepare the cookies one evening after school, and they could customize them with things like raisins or other add-ins.

3. Various questions and activities I could do with my children either while they were eating breakfast or later in the day to keep the momentum going.

You can find these things and more on the Family Breakfast Project website. You can even find a link to sign up for a daily email to receive each of the seven days of Family Breakfast sent right to your inbox. And of course there are coupons and loads of recipes you can check out. I really liked that there are so many recipe ideas for the plain Cheerios. My kids have this mindset that because they are plain they don't "like them". But now that I'm equipped with lots of recipe ideas using them I can show them that they are not only good for them, but taste good too!
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