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Target: Gifts for kids this Holiday #MyKindOfHoliday

I recently made a trip to our local Target store to see what ideas they had for Christmas gifts for the kids in my family. I was actually very impressed with not only the variety of toys, but also the displays they had set up for several of the popular toy lines. Here are five of the gifts I was most interested in getting for kids in my family.

The first end-cap I saw and immediately took note of was for the rubber band bracelets. They had all sorts of buckets and bags of the replacement rubber bands. I thought having the option for an assortment, or a single color was a great idea! I know my daughter that's seven is really into these and would enjoy making them in her school colors for her and her friends.

Another set of end-caps had displays specifically targeting boys and girls. The Barbie one definitely caught my eye because my daughter is always asking for a new Barbie and the end display had lots to choose from.  In my opinion you can never go wrong with a Barbie for a little girl. And I don't think boys ever grow out of playing with Nerf dart guns so that was a perfect fit for me too! I think I've gotten some sort of Nerf product for my son that's 13 for the last several years.

I then headed up and down a few isles to see what stood out there. On a few of them I spotted these "Top Gift" sign displays.  I have to say Target knows what it's talking about. My daughter LOVES the Monster High dolls. She's been begging for a new one this year, and I've found just where to get her one. The Planes were a great idea too for the 6-year old little boy I need to buy for too.

Along the back wall of the toy department is what they call the "Toy Shop". It's filled with loads of lower cost gifts for both boys and girls of all ages. I like these types of toys because I can create a gift bag or basket with a themed character like Disney princesses for my daughter. She loves getting lots of gifts and filling a bag with lots of smaller less expensive toys makes that possible. I just wrap each one then place it in a bag with tissue paper on top.  She gets excited every time she pulls out another gift.

Need even more ideas for the kids on your shopping list? Check out the Target Kid’s Catalog for many more ideas.They have so many great ideas to choose from I'm sure you'll find something for everyone.
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