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Holiday Gift Guide: What's Hot for the Holidays from D-Link

D-Link Day/Night Network Cloud Camera (DCS-933L)
The updated D-Link Camera includes a few cool new features, including audio detection, and built-in wireless range extender to easily add more cameras or expand your home's wireless network. With the ability to view up to 15 feet in complete darkness this is perfect for anyone that thinks they may have someone messing in their yard at night, or for teenagers that might try sneaking out after you've gone to bed. We have a neighbor kid that has previously done some destructive things outside our home while we've been away, so this is perfect for placing discretely in the corner of a window pointed out front of our house. I love that I can view what's going on no matter where I am with my iPhone. Definitely gives me peace of mind while we are away.

D-Link Wireless Range Extender
The compact Wireless Range Extender allows you to push wireless signals to those hard-to-reach areas, like your basement or backyard – eliminating Wi-Fi dead zones and broadening the range of a wireless network. Delivering speeds of up to 300Mbps, the Wireless Range Extender expands network connectivity to wireless devices, offering fast web-browsing, smooth online gaming, uninterrupted music and video streaming, fast downloading/uploading speeds, and Skype or Facetime calls without any lag time or glitches.  We have a tri-level house so this is the perfect answer to getting Wi-Fi signal to our upstairs rooms on the opposite end of the house from where our wireless router is found.  I can get much better signal strength with my iPhone now while anywhere in the house.

Be sure to check out the article titled, “How to Extend your Home’s Wi-Fi Coverage in Less than 2 Minutes.” The information included can help you better understand wireless dead zones and how the Wireless Range Extender can help improve your network quality.

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