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Fight tooth decay with America's ToothFairy and Oral-B

Did you know that there are MILLIONS of at-risk kids that can't sleep at night, eat properly or even concentrate in school because of painful tooth decay? Without the financial resources for dental care or even a toothbrush or toothpaste, these kids find themselves caught in a downward spiral of pain and humiliation, from getting bullied in school to enduring an agonizing toothache on a daily basis.

Don't let tooth decay ruin a kid's life!  I'm sure many of you still have Halloween candy lingering around your house just tempting your kids to fill up on sugary treats.  Why not donate the candy to a local organization or use it in a dessert whatever you need to to keep it from causing your kids pain.

The Oral-B Pro-Health for Me Rechargeable Toothbrush is the perfect electric toothbrush for kids. It is designed to cater to the oral health needs of tweens without cramping their style. This electric toothbrush has a waterproof handle with fun designs and is compatible with multiple toothbrush heads. It also features a brushing timer that ensures their brushing style goes the extra mile for the dentist-recommended 2 minutes. I received one of the above toothbrushes and extra heads thanks to Oral-B and America's ToothFairy. My daughter was ecstatic when the package came and I told her it was a rechargeable toothbrush for her.  You might think I am kidding but she was extremely excited.  She actually likes brushing now that she has a little help, and the two minute timer keeps her on track. Had a known before this was all the encouragement she needed I would have bought her one a long time ago!

You can get your Oral-B Pro Health for Me Rechargeable Toothbrush and Oral-B Pro Health For Me Sensitive Clean Brush Head Refills at your local Walmart!

And don't forget to join America's ToothFairy Kids Club. They have something for everyone!  Younger kids will love the  America's ToothFairy Kids Club!  It is FREE and members receive fun educational activities, tips and a personalized letter from the ToothFairy!

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